About Me

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada but have lived in a Missoula Montana for the last 15 years. My husband Thad is my biggest supporter and we have two young boys, Tristan (8 years) and Ashton (5 years). Having run competitively most of my life I was truly ok with the decision to be done competitive racing once we started our family. However, when my little boy, Ashton, reached his first birthday, I was feeling that urge to exercise more, mainly because I know how much it means for my mental health, if for no other reason. With 2 young boys, I needed some me time, and more importantly, I quickly realized I am a better mom when I am able to exercise regularly. Because of my experience, I knew my body couldn’t handle the same mileage I piled on when I was running competitively, so I started swimming and biking. And you know what, it felt awesome!

I enjoyed the challenge of trying something new; gosh, I couldn’t even flip turn in the pool! For those next couple of years, I competed in a handful of Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. I found that my results were actually competitive, and it got the fire started. In 2011, I began working with Elliot Bassett, my coach at the time, who helped me train smarter and more consistently. A year later, I placed 2nd in my age group at the World Age Group Championships in New Zealand. I knew I could do some things, and it excited me; I quickly became hooked on the sport of triathlon. I wanted to see what I could get body to do, and how far I could take this new adventure. In the spring of 2013, I received my Pro Card and competed in my first half-Ironman distance race shortly thereafter. Wow, that felt long and it hurt; but it hurt so good!

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep “triathloning” (that’s what my boys call mom’s job). Right now, I am enjoying the moment and the competition, and I have no plans on ending my career anytime soon. I truly am having too much fun. Currently, my primary goal is to qualify and be competitive at the 2015 World Ironman 70.3 Championships in Austria in August.

Thanks for spending some time on my Website, and getting to know who I am. I hope it inspires you to try new things and pursue new goals regardless of age or what people think any of us should do with our lives. Of course, if I inspire you, then I would love to hear about it; please reach out anytime and share your details or just to say hello. Great training, racing and living to everyone out there!